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Benefit Statement Setup

Enabling Benefit Statements

  1. From the menu, expand Setup then click Setup Properties.


  2. Hover over Employee Portal Setup and click Employee Portal.


  3. Click the Modules tab.


  4. Select Benefit Statements at the least. You can choose Total Benefits Statement and its configuration, but it’s not required. Click Save when finished.


  5. If you select Benefit Statements as a module you’re including on your Employee Portal Homepage, you will need to select the format of the benefit statement that is generated for all employees. Click the Benefit Statements tab.


  6. Select from the Document drop-down to view different benefit statesment formats. You can preview each different format by clicking View Example next to the drop-down menu after selection. Click Save when finished.


What Employees Will Do

Once enabled, the employees can find and click on Benefit Statement from the menu of their employee portal.


They will see the Benefit Statements page as below.


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