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Create Survey: Step 2 - Add Survey Question(s)

Using the Survey Question tab, configure the questions you would like to include in this survey. Depending upon the Reply Type selected for a question, you can use the Survey Question Response Options form to configure the available responses to the question.

  • To add a survey question, click the Actions drop-down menu and click Add Survey Question.


  • Enter the following information for your question.
    • Type the question
    • Type the Seq. Number
    • Type Page Number
    • Type Reply Type
  • Click Add Question.
  • After adding your question, click the Responses tab if the Reply type requires pre-determined responses.
  • In our example below, we have added Yes and No options.


  • When finished adding your question, click Close.


Editing & Deleting Survey Questions

As questions are added to the survey, they will be displayed in the survey questions section of this screen.


  • Completed questions can be edited by clicking on the name of the question.
  • When editing a question, all aspects of the question can be changed such as the wording of the question the sequence order, page number, responses, etc.
  • Any question to be deleted can be done by checking the box to the far right of a question and using the Actions drop-down menu to delete any selected question.
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