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2020-11 November Release

We are excited to announce the 2020.11 Release for our customers. To aid with communicating updates on multiple modules, all enhancements and updates for the entire Talent Management System are contained in this document. If you are interested in extending your license to include additional modules, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.

This release provides new features, enhancements to existing functionality, as well as resolutions to known issues intended to improve the usability, scalability, and performance of the Talent Management System. We have provided a brief summary of the updates included with this release. The attached document will describe the software updates and provide details to help you get started with these enhancements.


Applicant Tracking System Module

  • Optional Hiring Fields on Post Hire Screen. When filling out Post Hire information these fields are now optional. If the admin does not fill out the optional fields during the Post Hire process. Employment Type, Pay Rate, and Amount will now be required as part of the Onboarding Complete New Hire process. The new fields are:
    • Employment Type
    • Pay Rate
    • Amount
  • Add Start Date to Post Hire Screen

Onboarding Module

  • Optional Hiring Fields for New Hire information:
    • Employment Type
    • Pay Rate
    • Amount
  • Addition of Start Date being populated from Applicant Tracking System.

Kiosk Mode

  • Update to Kiosk User Role Permissions with the following:
    • Create New Kiosk Hire - When the Create New Kiosk Hire checkbox is checked, Kiosk users will now be able to Create New Kiosk Hire from the Kiosk landing page. This will allow users to create a one-time kiosk hiring template immediately for a new employee. After the Kiosk user creates the new template, users are directed to the Kiosk new hire process flow.
    • Show Pay Fields - Show Pay Fields allows the flexibility for Kiosk users to see Employment Type, Pay Rate, and Amount on the Kiosk new hire templates. If the Kiosk user does not have this permission enabled, these fields will not be listed on the hiring template and will be entered as part of the Complete New Hire process. 
    • Edit Pay Fields - Edit Pay Fields allows for the Kiosk user to fill out or update the Employment Type, Pay Rate, and Amount on the Kiosk new hire templates. If the Kiosk user does not have this permission enabled but has Show Pay Fields, the Kiosk user will only be able to see the pay fields and will not be able to edit them. 
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