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Security Roles for Core

The security roles feature allows our customers to create and assign security roles for administrator permissions.  Security roles utilize the same settings as the administrator setup and allows for roles to be configured and managed at the role level, with all updates passing to the assigned administrators.

Path: Menu > Setup > Administrators > Security Roles (new tab)

From the Security Roles menu, click the Actions menu for more options:

  • Create New Security Role - This action allows users to create and define new roles
  • Delete Selected Record(s) - This action allows users to delete existing roles. Note: Deletion is prevented if a role is assigned to an Administrator. 
  • For edits, click on an existing role to edit the role settings. 


Creating Security Roles

Actions > Create New Security Role

This feature allows users to define the General Settings, Employee Settings, and Page Settings for the new security role.  These settings will apply to all administrators who are assigned to this role. Any updates made to the role will automatically be applied to assigned Admins upon saving the changes at the role level.


Assigning a role to an Administrator

Menu > Setup > Administrators > Select an existing Administrator

Note: To set an employee as an Administrator, go to Menu > Employee > Utilities > General > Click "Set Employee As Administrator".

By default, the new Administrator will be set as not active. 


To assign a role, click on the Security Role drop down menu and select a role.  Once the role is selected, the settings on each page will update with the settings defined at the role level. 

Note: Once a role has been assigned to an Administrator, the settings are locked and cannot be modified at the Administrator level. Updates will need to be managed at the security role level, or the employee needs to be changed to 'Not Assigned' and custom settings can be applied. 

See below for images of before and after the role is assigned: 




  • IP address settings are defined at the Administrator level only and are not available at the role level
  • Saving changes to the Security Role settings will update all Admins assigned to the role
  • Once an Admin is assigned to a role, settings at the Admin level are disable
  • Admins with no security role assigned are displayed in the table view with 'Custom' in the Security Role column. This means the Admin has customized settings at the Admin level
  • When using the Copy Permissions utility:
    • The company must have 2 or more active Administrators in order to use this utility
    • If the 'Copy From' Admin has a role assigned, the role will transfer to the 'Copy To' Admin
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