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Understanding Course Information Page

Navigating to Course Information Page
  • Go to Class Catalog.


  • Click the name of the course that needs a class.



The information presented for the course is:

  • Course No. - The automatically generated course number.
  • Course Ref Number - Typically used within an organization as a numbering sequence to track courses.
  • Training Type - Default options are Instructor Led Training (ILT), Online Training(OLT), Virtual Instructor Led (VILT), On the Job Training (OJT), and Task.
  • Approvals - The approval required for an employee. The types of approvals can be instructor, training admin, and/or supervisor approval.
  • Cost -The cost of a course and track ROI.
  • Auto-Enroll
  • Course Title - Title of the Course.
  • Course Version Number - The version number of a course can be used to track which iteration of the course an employee completes.
  • Course Description - The description when viewing the course in the catalog as well as when viewing course details after registration.
  • Reference Materials Link - A link to documentation in the Knowledge Base or anywhere employees are able to access relevant documents.
  • Course Notes - Relevant notes for a course.
  • CEU - Continuing Education Unit earned upon course completion.
  • Duration - The estimated time to complete the course.
  • Mastery Score - The passing score for the course.
  • Categories - Helps employees filter the course catalog to the given categories. 
  • Author - The creator of the course. 


The buttons available may differ depending on your permissions/role.

  • Edit - Edit the course information. For additional information, you can refer to Editing a Course 
  • Deactivate/Activate Course - Activate or deactivate a course from the course catalog. For additional information, you can refer to How to Activate/Deactivate a Course
  • Add Class - For additional information on adding a class, you can refer to Adding a Class to a Course
  • Open Course
  • Enroll Others In This Course - Enroll other employees into the roster.
  • Course Roster - View the employees enrolled in the course. 

Class Schedule


The class schedule is listed below the basic course information. Towards the left of the class schedule is a checkbox to include inactive classes.

The lists of classes will include:

  • Buttons to enroll in a class or enroll someone else in the class (if user has permission)
  • Class No. - Clicking the class number link will let you view additional information about the class.
  • Start/End Date
  • Start/End Time
  • Classroom
  • Cost
  • Seats Remaining

Additional Info


The additional info fields will show some useful information about the course. These fields include:

  • Training Providers - Lists outside resources that provide training to employees.
  • Catalog Restriction Rules - Lists how the course is restricted based such as a certain department, location, or group.
  • Prerequisites - Any courses that are required before the selected course can be started.
  • Instructors - The individuals that will be instructing the course.
  • Competencies - List of competencies to help search and filter courses.
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