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Why Are My Employees ExakTime Mobile Punches Delayed?

 Not Receiving Any Punches?

If you are experiencing issues with not receiving employee punches at all, you can refer to Not Receiving Time Punches from Exaktime Mobile

Generally, after an employee clocks in/out, their newly created time punch is sent to ExakTime Connect to review on their Time Card Details. There are certain situations however where an employee's ExakTime Mobile punches can be delayed and be sent later than expected, such as being sent the following day.

Employees Closing ExakTime Mobile/Turning Off Phone Screen

One situation is employee's punches being sent in batches, such as the employee's clock outs from the previous day and the employee's clock ins from today being sent together, or an employee's morning clock ins being sent with their afternoon clock outs.

This is generally caused by the employee closing the app or turning off the phone screen immediately after clocking in/out. What happens is an employee clocks in/out, then closes the app/locks the phone right after while ExakTime Mobile tries to send the punch(es). The phone then stops any further communication and/or app activity. Current smartphones try to preserve as much of their battery and cellular data as possible. While this can be beneficial for everyday lives, it can be a detriment to ExakTime Mobile. As ExakTime Mobile was not able to send off the created time punches, it will store it and try to send the time punches again on the next attempt.

A common scenario has been detailed below:

  1. Joe clocks in to start their day. The time punch is sent for you to view on ExakTime Connect.
  2. Joe clocks out to end their day. Right after they see the clock out confirmed screen, they immediately lock their phone and go home. As their phone was locked in the middle of ExakTime Mobile trying to send the punch, it may be unsuccessful. When reviewing the employee's time card for the day, their clock in is seen, but their clock out is missing.
  3. Joe clocks in to start a new day. The unsent time punch from the previous day is sent along with their clock in. Their time card from the previous day is now complete.

How To Mitigate This

To help mitigate this, the employee simply needs to keep ExakTime Mobile open and the phone open for a couple more seconds. What can happen is when a company and employees first begin to use ExakTime Mobile, they are unsure of ExakTime Mobile and will keep ExakTime Mobile open in front of them to make sure everything is working. As they get more comfortable with ExakTime Mobile, they begin to force close/lock the phone after clocking in/out.

Lack of Cellular Service In An Area

Another situation is an employee's phone not having cellular service in a particular area.

Some situations can be, but are not limited to:

  • No Cellular Service in Area - Certain areas may not have cellular service such as in remote/rural areas or developing communities.
  • Overloaded Cellular Towers - Depending on the cellular infrastructure in an area, some cellular towers can have degraded performance due to the number of cell phones in an area and the cellular towers cannot accommodate.
  • Other Environmental Factors - Some environmental factors can prevent cellular service such as buildings, mountains, basements, etc.

A common scenario has been detailed below:

  1. Joe clocks in to start their day in the basement of a building. Due to the floors above them, the punch is not able to be sent.
  2. Joe clocks out to end their day on the ground floor. The unsent time punch from the morning is sent along with their clock out for the day. Their time card for the day is now complete.

How To Mitigate This

As this is can be caused by things outside of an employee's control, the employee and employer should be aware of possible issues and adjust expectations for punch to be received later than expected or to have the employee clock in/out in more suitable areas.

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