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10/21/2021 Applicant Tracking Release Notes

Arcoro is excited to announce the 10/21/2021 release for our customers and partners. This release provides enhancements to existing functionality intended to improve the usability of the system. This article and attached PDF document will describe the software updates and provide details to help you get started with these enhancements.


Indeed Apply and Application Enhancements

Arcoro understands the importance of finding qualified applicants when hiring needs arise. To help in this process, we are making enhancements to the Indeed Apply integration allowing candidates to apply in one-step without leaving, ensuring their job application is captured in a timely manner. These updates will be launched to customers in the upcoming product release on October 21, 2021

  • To take advantage of the new enhancements please note: All new jobs posted after 10/21/2021, no action will be needed.
  • All current, active jobs that are posted to Indeed and have the ‘Enable Indeed Apply’ will need to be closed and reposted for the job to take advantage of the new features.

To turn on Indeed Apply, follow the below navigation:

Applicant Tracking > Administration > Account Information > Enable Indeed Apply > Toggle to Yes


As part of this enhancement, and to keep the application process fast for applicants, Arcoro had to comply with the Indeed Apply application length limits. To meet these new requirements, two additional enhancements are included in this release:

  • A new warning message and column has been added to the App Template section of the ATS to identify existing or new custom application templates that exceed Indeed’s limit; and
  • Changes to the Arcoro Default Application Template has been made.

These additional enhancements are explained further below.

Indeed Easily Apply Compatibility Messaging

Existing or new custom application templates exceeding Indeed’s limit will need questions or sections removed to qualify for the one step apply process. This includes the Arcoro DOT application.

An ATS Admin can quickly identity an application’s compatibility by viewing their list of custom applications located at Applicant Tracking > Administration > App Templates.


Upon Edit or Save of a custom application, the ATS Admin will be prompted with a warning message until questions or sections have been removed and the application length limit has been met.


ATS users posting a new job will also receive a warning message if a custom application selected will not qualify for the one step apply process.

If modifications are not made to application and the Enable Indeed Apply feature is marked as ‘Yes’, the applicant may experience additional steps when applying for a posting via Indeed.

Default Application Updates

To further improve the candidate experience on Indeed, company career sites and other job distribution sources, the Arcoro default application has been shortened to reduce the time it takes to complete. Application information typically not provided by applicants such as their previous supervisor’s phone or social media links have been removed from the default application. ATS Admins may still create custom application templates if additional information is required to be collected by their company. Custom application templates can be created at Applicant Tracking > Administration > App Templates.

Job Seeker Source

To enhance source tracking of candidates applying with the updated Arcoro default application, a new applicant job seeker source question has been added. The below new question will appear on the default application with the following responses for required selection by the applicant.


Question responses are not configurable on the default application. Applicant responses to this new question can be found on the following standard reports:

  • Applicant Defined Source Analytics Report
  • Applicant Log Report

Click Here to view the changes to the default application.

 Changes to Default Application

IMPORTANT - Changes to the default application will be reflected on all NEW jobs posted after the 10/21/2021 release, as well as CURRENT ACTIVE jobs that remain open after the 10/21/2021 release if the Arcoro Default Application template is being used for the posting (previously named BirdDogHR Default Application template). ATS Admins may want to close and repost ACTIVE jobs following the release if there are compliance concerns with their application processes.

Refer to the 10/21/2021 Release Q&A to answer common questions related to this release.

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