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11/9/2021 ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile Release Notes

Arcoro is excited to announce the 11/9/2021 release for our customers and partners. This release provides enhancements to existing functionality intended to improve the usability of the system. This article and attached document will describe the software updates and provide details to help you get started with these enhancements.


Geofence Clock Out for ExakTime Mobile

Arcoro is excited to announce a new Geofence Clock Out for ExakTime Mobile. With these new permissions, employers will be able to ensure that their employees are where they should be when clocking out at the job site. The new permissions can be found by navigating to Manage > Security Roles > ExakTime Mobile. The default setting will be no warning or restriction presented if an employee tries to clock out outside of a location’s geofence.




Warning or Warning With Comment When Clocking Out Outside Geofence

  • Prompts an alert to employee that they are not within the geofence of the selected location.
    • This does not prevent them from clocking out
  • Require a comment when employee is prompted with the alert warning them they are outside of the geofence


Restriction when Clocking Out Outside Geofence

Prevents an employee from clocking out unless they are inside the geofence of the selected location.


Mobile Device & App Requirements

Geofence Clock Out feature is available on both iOS and Android platforms for phones and tablets. Users will need to run Android OS 6 or iOS 10 or higher and be on ExakTime Mobile version 2.78 or higher to get the updates.

Employee FaceFront Report

We have added a new standard Employee FaceFront Report. This report will contain daily time information for each employee as well as corresponding FaceFront photos for first/last punch of the day. For those employees where FaceFront photos are not required, photo placeholders will be blank. This new report can be found by navigating to Reports > Employee > Employee FaceFront Report.


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