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Setting Up a Midnight Split Policy for ExakTime

The midnight split policy allows you to have your employee's time records automatically split at midnight and place the employee's time records onto their respective two days. This can help for situations where you calculate an employee's daily overtime over a 24-hour period that begins at midnight each day.

After a time record has been split at midnight, the time record will stay split permanently. Disabling the "Midnight Split" policy will not combine any split time records into a single time record. 

Before enabling this policy, it can be best to consult with legal counsel before activating this policy to make sure that it adheres with any pre-established guidelines (federal, state, country, union, etc.) in your area.

Midnight Split Example


In our example:

  • The employee started working on Wednesday at 10 PM and ended their day on Thursday at 8 AM.
  • Instead of a single continuous record, the employee's time record has been split into two: one time record for 10 PM to 12 AM and another time record for 12 AM to 8 AM.
  • The second time record will have a comment that it was generated from the midnight split policy.
  • Since the stop and start times at 12 AM were generated by ExakTime Connect and not by the employee, they will not have any GPS data associated with them. To confirm where the employee was when they clocked in and out, you should refer to the clock in and out time records the employee created.

Enabling a Midnight Split

  • Go to Manage and click Policies.


  • Click the policy group to adjust or create a new group. For more information regarding the creation of a new policy group, please refer to the following article: How to Create a New Employee Policy Group


  • Enable the midnight split policy option on the right-hand side under the "Travel & Alerts" section.


  • Save your changes.
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