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1/4/2022 Core HR Release Notes

Arcoro is excited to announce the 1/4/2022 release for our customers and partners. This release provides new features and enhancements to existing functionality for Arcoro Core HR. This article and attached PDF will describe the software updates and provide details to help you get started with these enhancements. 


Affordable Care Act (ACA)

This release provides the changes necessary to ensure accurate 2021 ACA reporting for your organization and your employees.

The 2021 ACA reporting includes the following updates:

  • Support for two new ICHRA codes


Core HR provides the ability to create and print the ACA forms 1094B/1095B and 1094C/1095C forms. These forms have been updated to meet the 2021 changes including:

  • Part II #14 – support codes 1T – 1U

Support for additional ICHRA Codes

  1. 1T. Individual coverage HRA offered to employee and spouse (not dependents) with affordability determined using employee's primary residence location ZIP code.
  2. 1U. Individual coverage HRA offered to employee and spouse (not dependents) using employee's primary.

ACA Export Naming Convention

Updates have been made to the default ACA export file naming convention to include the following:

  • Form Name
  • Year
  • Employer Name
  • EIN
  • Other Changes

Other Changes

Mark months for employees enrolled into COBRA plans – Part III of the 1095-C will now populate the appropriate boxes when an employee is enrolled into a COBRA plan.


Enhanced Employee Status History Report to include additional details such as:

  • Employee Full Name
  • Employee Status
  • Employee ACA Status
  • Change Date
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Employer Name
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