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1/20/2022 Core HR Release Notes

Arcoro is excited to announce the 01.20.2022 release for our customers and partners. The release provides the new features and updates required for State Tax administration and reporting. This article and attached PDF will describe the software updates and provide details to help you get started with these enhancements.


State Taxes

All Core HR customers will now have default State Tax settings pre-determined when configuring the states where their employees work. Each state will have the default settings in place as part of Step 3 of the ‘Configure State Tax Info Settings’ process based on the individual state tax forms. The settings that will be pre-determined based on specific state tax forms are:

  • Additional Withholdings (Show Additional Withholding field)
  • Filing Status (Show Filing Status field)
  • Allowances (Show Allowances field)
  • Exempt (Show Exempt Option field)

Companies will be able to edit their state tax settings to include additional fields, however, the predetermined default settings cannot be removed.

These default settings will only be applied when configuring NEW states in your account after 1/20/2022. All pre-existing state tax configurations you may have set up will remain the same.

The State tax settings can be found under Setup > Setup Properties > Employee Portal Setup > Employee Portal > Quick Links > Configure State Tax Info Settings.



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