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How to Add a Hiring Manager

Hiring Managers are users that can access new hires and help complete their onboarding such as verifying the new hire's onboarding paperwork, helping reset the new hire's password, reviewing documents in the electronic filing cabinet, etc.

  • Click Administration from the top menu bar and click the Users tab.



  • Click Add User.


  • A pop-up will appear. Enter any required information. You can return to enter any additional information later.


    • Username - The username that the user will use to log in to your Onboarding website.
      • If the user is using other Arcoro modules, the username should match the other usernames entered for the user.
      • We advise using the user's email address as the username.
    • Email - Typically the work email of the user to receive notifications about new hires.
    • First Name and Last Name - The first and last name should be the user's legal name as it can populate W4s.
      • If the user prefers a different name, their legal name should still be entered here and use the "Preferred Name" field.
    • Work Phone # - While not required, the work phone # can populate some state W4s.
    • Job Title - The job title entered should be the user's formal job title as it can populate W4s.
    • Roles - Select the Manager role. If the user also needs Administrator permissions, select the Manager/Admin role.
  • Click Add.
  • The user will receive an email like the example below to verify their email and create their password.


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