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Reviewing Time Card Approvals for ExakTime

After a time card has been approved or signed off, time card approvals can be reviewed in four places on ExakTime Connect:

  • My Time Card
  • Time Card Summary
  • Time Card Details
  • Employee Touch Detail report

From My Time Card

  • Click My Time Card or click Time Cards and click My Time Card from the top-menu bar, depending on your permissions.


  • My Time Card will show any approvals done for your own time card and would be predominantly used by standard Employees.


  • If employees approved their time from ExakTime Mobile and provided a signature, a Signed icon be listed to review their signature.


From Time Card Summary

  • Go to Time Cards in the top menu bar, then click Time Card Summary.


  • The Time Card Summary will show you approvals for multiple employees.


  • If employees approved their time from ExakTime Mobile and provided a signature, a signature column can be added to review their signature.


From Time Card Details

  • Go to Time Cards in the top menu bar, then click Time Card Detail.


  • Time Card Details lets you see the approvals for an employee for a select pay period.


  • If employees approved their time from ExakTime Mobile and provided a signature, a Signed icon will appear to you review their signature.


With Employee Touch Detail Report

With the Employee Touch Detail Report, you can enable a report specific option for the Touch Detail report to view employee approval/signatures for the specified pay periods.

For more information regarding reports, you can refer to the following article: Reports Walkthrough

Employee signatures must be enabled from Company Settings. You can refer to Message and Signature for Time Card Approvals on ExakTime Mobile

  • Click Reports from the top-menu bar.


  • Click Touch Detail under the Employee section from the reports list.


  • Specify the appropriate date range.


  • Expand Report Specific Options and use the checkbox for "Show Mobile Approval Signature".


  • Click View Report to generate your report.


Reviewing Approval History

While reviewing approvals from My Time Card, Time Card Summary, or Time Card Details, you can use the Approvals History to see when a time card was approved or unapproved, when it was done, by who, and if it was done on ExakTime Mobile or ExakTime Connect.

In Time Card Summary

The time card summary will show all time card approvals and unapprovals done by your employees.

Click the Approval History tab to review this information.



In My Time Card/Time Card Details

If you are viewing the Time Card Details, you will first need to select an employee.

Click Approval History to see a list of who approved/unapproved time, when, and from where.



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