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4/2022 Applicant Tracking and Talent Release Notes

Arcoro is excited to announce the April release for our customers and partners. This release provides new features and enhancements to existing functionality for Arcoro Applicant Tracking System and Talent modules. This document will describe the software updates and provide details to help you get started with these enhancements.


Candidate Pool Search

Search functionality has been added to the Candidate Pool Search. You will now have the option to search by phone number and email address.

Phone Number

Full or Partial phone number search now returns candidates that have that number in their contact information. This works for all three phone numbers (Main, Alt1 and Alt2) in that area. When using special characters (dashes, parentheses, space) the candidates will not return.

  • For Partial searches, you must put the first part of the phone number and then enter the wildcard ‘*’. Other partial searches will not return search results.
    Example Phone Number: 7423578961
    • 742* Works
    • 357* Does not work
    • *357* Does not work
    • *8961 Does not work
  • If there is a sequence of numbers tied to a candidate's full text index that is not part of their contact information and it matches the number being searched, that candidate will be in the results list even though their listed phone number is different. This matches the current behavior in the Candidate Pool Search.

Email Address

Full or Partial Email search now returns candidates that have that email address in their contact information.

  • Partial Emails must be the first part of the email followed by a wildcard '*' for the search to work.
  • Emails must be unique to each candidate's contact info. If it is not, the latest information candidate will overwrite the previous candidate's data. This behavior will only be present if more than one candidate is using the same email address when applying.

Talent Import – Core HR to Talent

 Core HR to Talent Enhancement Postponed

The enhancement for Core HR to Talent Import has been postponed and will be released in a future update.

The Core HR to Talent import will now be sent every four hours. Previously this was sent every 24 hours. This will allow your new hires to transfer from Core HR to Talent on a more frequent basis. The file will continue to function the same, and you will still receive errors should the file not pass if you have those enabled.

Please note that because the frequency of the file is increasing to four hours, the errors will be sent to you on a more frequent basis as well allowing you to be notified should an error occur preventing the new hire from passing from Core HR to Talent.

Email Update

Emails sent from the following modules have been updated to (previously

  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Onboarding
  • Talent (Learning Management & Performance)
  • Arcoro Hosted Job Boards
    • AGC of Iowa
    • Construction Career Board
    • MEP
    • Arcoro Jobs
    • Arcoro Engineering Jobs

When a user of the above noted modules sends an email it will send from

While this email update will correct the reference to, it does not address the alternate email feature. Our development team is focused on a new approach with the goal of delivering the alternate email as soon as possible.

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