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Open Enrollment Event Monitoring and Reports

While the Open Enrollment event window is open, you can monitor the event progress and see who has completed the event, who is in process, and who has not gone in yet.

  • Expand Reports, expand Events, and click Status Summary.


  • Click the filter CHR_-_Filter_Icon.png icon towards the top right. Select the “Open Enrollment” event from the dropdown menu and enter the Start and End date of the event. Click Refresh Results.


  • This will give you categorized results summarizing Event Completed, Event Started but Not Completed, Event Not Started. You can easily communicate via email with these specific groups by clicking on the Envelope Icon.


  • Click the Envelope top_mail.gif Icon to easily communicate via email with these specific groups, such as employees that have not started the event. A new window will open like the example below.


Canceling Previous Events

Another important thing to remember when going live with an event on the employee portal, is that the system ONLY allows ONE active event at a time. This means that if there is a prior event (New Hire, Address Change, etc…) that was never canceled or completed, you will not be able to see the OE event until the prior one is canceled or completed. A lot of the time, employees will have “active” events that are no longer needed. As an admin, you can cancel these on behalf of the employee.

  • Expand Reports, expand Events, and click Started by not Completed Detail.


  • Select the events you wish to cancel using the checkbox towards the right.


  • Click Cancel Selected Events from the Actions drop-down menu.


This way you can cancel events that are outdated in mass and your employees do not have to worry about not being able to see the Open Enrollment for the new year on their portal.

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