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Enabling "Clock For" for ExakTime Mobile

"Clock For" is a function of ExakTime Mobile intended to allow an employee, such as a supervisor or manager, to clock in/out on behalf of an employee or crew. 

As "Clock For" can be used to clock in/out for other employees, it is expected to be given to trusted individuals as "Clock For" will not have any of the requirements/restrictions that the "Clock In" functionality may require such as:

  • No FaceFront photos
  • No GeoFence Warnings/Restrictions 
  • No GPS/Location Services Requirements

Table of Contents

Enabling 'Clock For' Permission

  1. Go to Manage and click Security Roles.


  2. Click the name or create a new Security Role.


  3. Enable 'Clock In and Out for Other Employees' setting. If the security role should also be able to edit the clock in/out time, enable the additional permission.


  4. Click Save when finished.

For more information about the other available ExakTime Mobile permissions, you can refer to the following article.

Enabling 'Crew Confirmation' Permission

Crew confirmation is an optional setting where the supervisor clocking in a crew will be asked to confirm the employees of a crew before they can be clocked in/out.

The supervisor will be able to add or remove an employee during the confirmation. The crew confirmation will not permanently change the crew and will only affect the immediate clock in/out. The use of this is most beneficial with supervisors that have a floater or when crew members have temporarily swapped.

With Mobile Settings

This permission relies on "Mobile Settings" which will standardize the ExakTime Mobile settings across all copies of ExakTime Mobile for your account. If this should not be the case, you can enable the option on a per-device basis with the following section.

  1. Go to Manage and click Mobile Settings.


  2. Enable "Mobile Settings" if it has not been done so yet.


  3. Enable 'Show crew confirmation screen' if it has not been enabled.


  4. Click Save when finished.
With ExakTime Mobile Settings

If 'Mobile Settings' is not valid for your employee's usage, you will need to enable this permission on a per-device basis. This option is generally enabled by default for new installations of ExakTime Mobile. If the employee were to get a new phone, an Administrator-level user may need to double-check the permission just in case. 

  1. Log in to ExakTime Mobile with an Administrator-level PIN.
  2. Press the three lines ( ☰ ) towards the top left of ExakTime Mobile and press Settings from the menu.


  3. Enable "Crew Confirmation". If using iOS, you will need to click "General" first to see the option.


Clocking In/Out with Clock For

  1. Press Clock For from the Time Clock screen. On iOS, it is located at the bottom. On Android, it is located at the top.


  2. Press Choose Employee or Crew. If you already see an employee or crew name, press the name instead.


  3. Select the crew to be clocked in or All Employees to search for a specific employee.


  4. Select an individual employee to clock in/out. If you have selected a crew, press This Crew to select all employees listed or select an individual employee from among the crew.


  5. Select the location and cost codes to be used if clocking in the crew. If given permission, tap the time & date to change it. Press GO or STOP as appropriate.


  6. If "Crew Confirmation" has been enabled, a crew confirmation screen will appear when you can remove or add employees to the current clock in/out. This will only affect this current clock in/out and will not permanently change the crew. Press Clock In/Out.


  7. You will receive a success confirmation.


Tracking Manual Meal Breaks

  Upcoming Update

The information below is for an upcoming release and is subject to change.

Requirements to Use Manual Meal Break with Clock For

  • Requires ExakTime Mobile version 2.89.
  • The supervisor has at least one employee who has the "manual meal break" option enabled.

Tracking Manual Meal Breaks for Individuals

When starting and ending a manual meal break from "Clock For", typical manual meal break settings will be ignored and the supervisor will be responsible for starting and ending the manual meal break appropriately.

  1. Select the employee to start or end their meal break.
  2. Press Meal Break to begin their meal break. 
  3. Press End Meal Break to conclude their meal break.


Tracking Manual Meal Breaks for a Crew

When starting and ending a manual meal break from "Clock For", typical manual meal break settings will be ignored and the supervisor will be responsible for starting and ending the manual meal break appropriately.

  1. Select the Crew.
  2. Press Meal Break to begin/end their meal break.
  3. There will be an "Active Employee Status" menu with employees that are either "Clocked In" or on their "Meal Break".
  4. Press Start Meal Break for employees who are currently clocked in or End Meal Break for employees currently on their meal break.


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