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Enabling Time Card Editing for ExakTime Mobile

Editing Time Cards on ExakTime Mobile allows key employees to edit their employee's time cards with ExakTime Mobile. This can also be used in conjunction with editing time cards for ExakTime Connect so they can have flexibility between editing time cards on the go and/or editing time cards from a desktop/laptop.

Keep in mind that some editing options are only available on ExakTime Connect such as Mobile Forms, shifts, etc. ExakTime Mobile allows you to edit the location, cost code, equipment, date, and time of a time record. 

Before enabling time card editing for ExakTime Mobile, it may be beneficial to review the employee's viewsets to ensure they only interact with employees that report to them.

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Enabling Mobile Time Card Editing

  • Navigate to Manage and click Security Roles.


  • Create a new security role or select an existing security role from the ExakTime Mobile tab.


  • Enable the option to edit and/or delete time cards from the permissions section.


  • Save any changes.
  • If you need to assign the security role to an employee, you can do so through the employee profile or from the security roles page
  • Your employee(s) will need to sync their copies of ExakTime Mobile for the new permission to be recognized.

For more information about other Exaktime Mobile permissions, you can refer to the following article.

Employee Resources

You can review and provide the following article that contains instructions on how to edit time cards on ExakTime Mobile:

Reviewing Mobile Time Card Edits

Any time card edits made from ExakTime Mobile can be reviewed with the Audit trail reports from ExakTime Connect, similar to reviewing time card edits made in ExakTime Connect.

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