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Guides to Custom Alerts and Notifications for ExakTime

For more information about the availability of this feature, contact your Account Manager.

'Custom Alerts and Notifications' allows you to better communicate with your employees to help ensure smooth business operations. Your alerts and notifications can be sent via email, text messages (SMS), and/or push notifications through ExakTime Mobile to improve the chances of your employees of receiving your alerts/notifications.

You can review the number of alerts/notifications sent and when they were sent with the 'Alerts and Notifications Dashboard'. For more information, refer to the following dedicated article.

Table of Contents

How It Works

Custom Alerts and Notifications are created from ExakTime Connect and sent to your employees based on enabled delivery methods. The differences between alerts and notifications are:

  • Alerts - Notify your employees immediately of critical information (e.g. location closure due to extreme weather, divert employees to a secondary location, etc.)
  • Notifications - Schedule a message for your employees (e.g. Reminder to come to the office for paperwork, etc.)

We offer the following delivery methods for alerts and notifications:

  • Push Notification
  • SMS Test
  • Email

If all three methods are selected, we will prioritize "Push from ExakTime Mobile", then "SMS Text", then "Email", depending on what is available from the employee profile. The employee will also only receive one notification if multiple delivery methods are selected.

For example, if "Push Notification" and "SMS text" are enabled, the system will look to see if the employee has the mobile app installed and has allowed notifications. If the employee has met these conditions, he/she will receive a push notification. If the employee has not met these conditions the system will try to send them an SMS text message with the mobile phone number on record in ExakTime.

Below are examples of alerts/notifications sent to employees:


Requirements to Receive an Alert/Notification

For an employee to receive an alert or notification through any of the selected  delivery methods, they must have the following:

Setting Up and Sending Custom Alerts/Notifications

The process for setting up and using Schedules has been outlined below:

  1. Granting Permission to Custom Alerts and Notifications - Grant permission to non-Administrators to view and manage custom alerts and notifications. 
  2. Understanding the Custom Alerts and Notifications Page - Learn how to navigate and use the Custom Alerts and Notifications page. 
  3. Creating an Alert/Notification - Learn how to create and send an alert/notification to employees.
  4. Edit Unsent Notifications - Learn how to edit notifications before they are sent to employees. 

Character Limits

ET - Tools - Alerts Notifications - Character Count - 01.png

Your alerts and notifications will have character limits depending on the delivery methods selected. The character count of your subject and message will be listed towards the bottom right.  

The character count will reflect the lowest character limit of the selected delivery methods. For example, if all three delivery methods are selected, the available character count will be 150. The character counts for the delivery methods are listed below:

  • Push from ExakTime Mobile = 168 Character Limit
  • SMS Text = 150 Character Limit
  • Email = 5,000 Character Limit
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