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How InDeed Easy Apply Works Within the Arcoro Applicant Tracking System

To optimize the experience when enabling Easy Apply and for consistency in the applicant experience and your ATS users to view the applied candidate’s information, we do recommend the use of the default application template and creating custom sections within the application template, rather than editing the already created sections and fields within the application to accommodate for any company specific required questions. You may also utilize the screening questions section at the job level for more specific asks of your applicant, including scoring questions.

What occurs within the Applicant Tracking System when Indeed Easy Apply is enabled?

When Easy Apply is turned on at the system level, the following occurs within the ATS to accommodate for this feature:

  • The application template menu displays an Indeed compatibility mode column which indicates if the application meets the requirements for the field count maximum allowed Indeed can support. Field count max is 500.
  • A warning message will display to alert you that complex and/or large applications will not meet Indeed’s compatibility and if it is important to you, they should use our default app template.

    large-app template warning.jpg

  • Once the template reaches the field count threshold, a warning message displays on the page to alert you that it no longer meets the requirements, however, you will still be allowed to save the template.


  • There is a minimum occurrence within the work and education sections that it must have at least one instance, “0” will not be supported, “-1” is, however, supported.
  • There is also a maximum occurrence within all sections of the application to not exceed 500. Today’s application will allow you to save but may not comply with Indeed’s maximum threshold. If you have sections of the application with more than 5 occurrences for a section, see if you can reduce this, for example, non-open-ended questions that do not need more than one answer in a drop-down list or per section, should not need more than 1 occurrence. Therefore, your min/max should be set to the suggested –1/+1 to display one time on the application and this only counts as one question to Indeed’s 500 max.

What happens after someone applies through Indeed Easy Apply?

After an applicant has applied through Easy Apply, there can be differences in the application page, job candidate and candidate profile views within the system. Since this is an integration between two different systems, Arcoro and Indeed, some actions taken within the application template may have an affect on the applicant experience and the applicant tracking user’s view. Please be aware that Arcoro continues to monitor and make system level updates to accommodate, where possible, for the Indeed Easy Apply process, however, the overall design and integration are owned by Indeed.

  • Indeed does not parse the candidate’s resume information. Once a candidate completes their application and includes an upload of their resume, the candidate will be prompted by Indeed’s steps which include the option for them to fill in their Work/Education/References, however, a candidate can click “No” and not be presented with those sections.

    Once the Indeed application is completed, the Applicant Tracking parsing tool then parses from the uploaded resume (if one is uploaded) and places the information into the various sections of the application page.
  • Custom application questions that are required and/or optional, within those sections, may be missed in this case due to the option to not fill in additional information onto the application.

    To accommodate for this and have those questions presented, within the application template, setting the section’s Minimum and Maximum occurrences to a “-1” and “-1” within the Work, Education and/or Reference sections, this ensures that the first instance of those sections and questions will appear, including any additional custom text fields and questions you may have added.
  • Screener questions and custom application sections and questions will display onto the View Application link under the Screening questions section.

    In addition, the details will be found on the candidate overview report and within the job candidate bubbles at the job level.
    • Work and education will be found within the Experience bubble
    • Custom application data will include both custom questions as well as the Work and Education sections prompted by Indeed for the candidate to fill in if they wish.
  • Provided fields within the application template should be utilized as much as possible, however, if one is hidden OR removed, for example, the “Main Phone” field and a custom field is added in its place, for example: "Cell Phone", the parsing tool will parse the telephone number from the resume, however, it will not display under the default Phone Number(s): label in the Contact Info bubble. It will display with the Custom Application Data bubble, rather.

When an applicant fills out their application and notices the count in steps is not going sequentially?

If the applicant is choosing to skip adding work experience, education, etc. those are steps that are then being skipped, thus the steps will not appear to go sequentially.

Indeed Apply is enabled on ATS but not showing ‘Easily Apply’ on the jobs listing of Indeed?

The application template has built-in validation that does not allow for blank fields to be included in areas such as section headers, question fields, and ADA agreement statements. This is also in order to comply with Indeed’s API integration feature. If Indeed Apply is enabled on your ATS, but ‘Easily Apply’ isn’t showing on your job posting through Indeed, this could be because you have not fixed the blank field within the template causing errors on the Indeed side.

To bring back the ‘Easily Apply’ feature through Indeed, you would need to first fix your template and then reach out to Arcoro Support so we can assist with having the job re-enabled. 

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