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Why is the Data in ExakTime Mobile Not the Same as ExakTime Connect?

When using ExakTime Mobile, you or your employees may notice that the information on ExakTime Mobile is out-of-date compared to the data in ExakTime Connect, such as an inactive location still appearing or a new location not appearing on ExakTime Mobile. This is generally due to the syncing process that ExakTime Mobile uses to stay up-to-date with ExakTime Connect.

After any new changes to key data in ExakTime Connect, such as employees or locations, there is a brief period where ExakTime Connect prepares the new or updated data for ExakTime Mobile to use. When ExakTime Mobile syncs, either periodically or manually, it will see these new changes and update the ExakTime Mobile data to be consistent. 

Typical Sync

If ExakTime Mobile cannot sync for any reason, such as no internet, weak signal, etc., ExakTime Mobile will rely on the existing information it has previously synced. After ExakTime Mobile successfully syncs, the information/data should be consistent with the data on ExakTime Connect. 

Syncing can be done automatically or manually. For more information about the syncing process, refer to the following dedicated article.

Full Sync

In the event that ExakTime Mobile fails to successfully sync and update its data, it can affect future syncing as ExakTime Mobile can believe that the data has already been updated. This can result in new data syncing just fine, but old data not syncing as expected.

In these instances, you can use a process that will prompt ExakTime Mobile to complete a more thorough sync process. This should resolve any issues related to inconsistent entity data between ExakTime Connect and ExakTime Mobile or options not appearing as expected. This will not resolve issues related to features that will sync data directly from ExakTime Connect such as Time Off, Time Cards, or Schedules.

This should only need to be done sparingly. If you find your company using the full sync process consistently, please consult us for assistance to address any underlying issues.

  1. Press the three lines in the top left to open the Menu and press Help.

    EM - Help - Full Sync - 00.png

  2. Press Support.

    EM - Help - Full Sync - 01.png

  3. Press 11113 on the number pad.

    EM - Help - Full Sync - 02.png

  4. You should view a confirmation message towards the bottom of the app.

    EM - Help - Full Sync - 03.png

  5. Sync the device manually by pressing Sync or the sync button. The sync process may take longer than a typical sync.
    EM - Syncing - New - 00.png
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