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Using Executive Summary Report to Review Extended Time Periods

If you are in need of reviewing your employees' hours for an extended period, the executive reports are perhaps the best to use. The executive reports will only present the sum total of the employees' hours and you can easily review the hours grouped up for the day, week, month, quarter, or year.

If you need to review a detailed breakdown of what was done during the day, then the time card by week report may be more suitable.

Select the Executive Summary Report

We offer various executive reports that will focus on three different entities, the employee, location, or cost code of a time record. The most common entity to focus on is the employee.


Select your Date Range

Select the date range that the report should pull data from.


Select Report Specific Options

Use the Report Specific Options to help determine how the information should be organized.


  • Show Employee ID - Specify if you want the entity ID to be shown and if the entity should be sorted by name or the ID number. If the ID number is not enabled, it will sort by the first name or last name, depending on the selected name format in the formatting options.
  • Group By - Use the drop-down menu to specify if the hours should be grouped by day, week, month, quarter, or year. 
  • Show Overtime Hours - If enabled, will separate the overall hours into Regular, OT1, and OT2 hours. This will not separate the hours for a single entity, but for all the entities. 
  • Fit Report to 1 page wide - If enabled, will force ExakTime to fit the report to fit on 1 page. If you have an extended date range with a small "Group By" setting, you may see a warning that the report may not be readable.

Specify your Filters

Use the filters to limit what data should be presented for your report. This can be helpful if you only need to report on hours related to a specific location if you need to review time records using the specified location. 


  • Status - Use the drop-down menu to specify if the report should use only active entities, only inactive statuses, or all active and inactive entities.
  • Include - If "All" is selected, the report will use all entities, depending on the status option. If "Selected" is enabled, this will filter out any time records that have the selected employee(s), location(s), and/or cost code(s) for the filter. If "Selected" is enabled, but no entity has been selected, the report will not generate any data.

Generate Your Report

Click View Report after selecting your date range and your report specific options. Your report should be generated on a separate tab/window. In our example below, we have set the report to group the employee hours


Extended Date Range Not Fitting Report

If you have an extended date range and a small "group by" option such as a day or week, the report may not be readable or show the data on multiple pages. In these instances, it is recommended to save the report to a digital format.

In the example below, we have a 55-page report as we are trying to review 3 years of data with the hours grouped by the day. Saving this report into an XLSX or CSV format allows the data to be easier to review.



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