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Millennium Data Mapping - Employee Compensation Transactions - Employer Portion of Benefits

If configured, Employer portion of benefits will show under the Compensation Transaction Tab.

To configure:

Under the Benefit Package, navigate to the plan level >>Step 2 - Coverage Levels. Here you will select the employer contribution code and frequency from the drop-down:


Once the benefit is processed for the employee, immediately the employer portion of benefits will display under compensation transaction tab.


  1. Pay Code : This will be the code selected under "Employer Contribution Code"
  2. Start Date: The effective date of benefit for employee.
  3. Stop Date: The end date for benefit of employee.
  4. Amount: Amount of Employer Credit (if GTL, "Amount" will show as 0)
  5. Frequency: Frequency Code selected under benefit.
  6. Units: If GTL, this will be the coverage amount. For all other benefits, this field will be blank.
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