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Millennium Data Mapping - Employee Compensation Rates

The Table below displays field mappings for data on the Compensation Rates screen. If a field is not included in the Table below, then it will not be mapped between the HRIS and Payroll Application.

When loading data from Payroll to HRIS, the HRIS will first look for an employee record match on SSN. If a match is not found, the HRIS will then check for a match on Employee ID. Once a matching employee record is found the HRIS will then check to see if an existing Pay Rate record exists by checking for an existing record with the same Employer Code, Pay Code, Rate Type and Start Date. If no match is found then a new record will be added to the HRIS.

When saving data from the HRIS to Payroll, the HRIS will match on SSN.

General Properties

Property Value
Location of Data in HRIS Employee > Payroll > Compensation > Compensation Rates Tab
Location of Data in Millennium Employee Rates / Reviews Tab
Synchronization Direction Two-way

Field Mappings

HRIS Field Payroll Field Mapping Details
Start Date Start Date  
End Date End Date  
Salary / Hourly Rate Per and "Base Auto Pay" field(if applicable) If the Rate Per = “Hour” in Payroll then the record will be set to “Hourly” in the HRIS. Otherwise, it will be set to “Salary”
Per Pay Amount / Hourly Rate Rate  
Pay Code   "Regular"
Rate Code Rate Code The Rate Code Field within the HRIS must be configured with values equal to those configured in Payroll.
Hours Worked Def Hours In HRIS, moved from employee>>employee>>hours worked to compensation landing page. Unless overrode in "Hours Worked" field, the field will be populated with annual hours worked divided by pay periods in pay schedule.
Auto Pay (Yes / No) Base Auto Pay (Hours / Salary) Auto pay hours / salary based on a.) if auto pay is activated and b.) if salary or hourly is selected.
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