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Understanding the ZK Time Clock Menu

The ZK US10C Time Clocks tab provides the functions for adding and managing US10 time clocks within the account.


The Actions drop-down menu allows you to:


  • Refresh - Refreshes the data displayed for registered time clocks.
  • Add Time Clock Device - Navigates to the screen for registering a new time clock to the account.
  • Reload Users to All Device(s) - Loads users to registered time clocks. Users will only load to the clock if their HRIS login has been generated and they have been configured on the Entry Assignments tab for Time Clock - Punch with an Auth Type.
  • Reset Keyboard On All Device(s) - Loads the F key assignments to the clock. The F keys are used by the employee to specify work state (clock in, clock out, lunch in, or break in) and must be selected when punching. The keys are assigned by the system, but the assignments can be deleted locally on the clock. If they have been altered on the clock the reload action will return them to default assignments.
  • Reload Work Codes to All Devices - Loads work codes to the clocks for transaction level labor allocation (Replaces Break In option on clock). This option would be selected instead of Clock In (F1) for employees required to specify a labor allocation value at clock in. The clock will only support the use of one category of values (Project, CC1, CC2, etc) and will populate the full list of values within that category for the employee to choose from.
  • Delete Time Clock Device - Removes selected clock from the account

Registered Time Clocks


Once registered the clock and its communication data are displayed. The clock populated fields will remain blank until initial communication is successful.

  • Attendance LogStamp - Displays the date and time the clock last delivered punch records to the HRIS.
  • Operation LogStamp - Displays the date and time the system delivered configuration data to the clock.
  • Last Request Time - Displays the date and time the system and clock last communicated successfully.
  • Device IP Address - will be populated from the clock, depending on network configurations this may populate as the assigned device IP or the IP of the gateway.
  • Device Finger Print Version - Version of Finger Print firmware.
  • Device Firmware Version - Version of the Time Clock firmware.
  • User count - indicates the numbers of users loaded to the clock, clicking on the count value will navigate to a list of users.
  • Finger Print Count - The count of fingerprints enrolled with your time clock.
  • Attendance Count - The count of attendance records stored on the device.
  • View Logs - Navigates to operation log, containing information about settings data delivered to the clock.
  • View Work Codes - Navigates to list of codes loaded to the clock.

If the clock has not communicated with the time clock, the row will be red.


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