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Time Clocks - User Count

While viewing the ZK US10C Time Clock tab, there click the # under the User Count column for a device.


You will see the list of users that have been loaded to your Time Clock.


Enroll Fingerprints - Select an employee then click the action to send a command to the clock which will prompt the employee to record their fingerprint. Once recorded the fingerprint* will be loaded to the software and associated with the employee profile. If the scan is no longer valid, the previously recorded print needs to be deleted from this user list prior to recording a new scan.

The User ID displayed in the user count list will function as the employee's ID for the physical time clock. This is used when authorizing through the pin entry method, it can also be entered prior to clocking in using fingerprint scan for one-to-one matching.

*the fingerprint is stored as encoded data points, no actual fingerprint images are stored by the clock or system

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