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How to Assign Certifications

An employee, manager, Training Administrator or the Administrator can assign certifications to an employee. If an employee adds in the certification, it will then go to the manager for approval and then the training Administrator. This is also where a manager can look up a certification for their employees, or view under the People tab by employee.

Navigating to Assign Certification

From the top menu, click Manager Tools and click Assign Certification.


From the Assign Certification page, you can use the drop-down menu in the top-left to select students and view/add certifications below.


After selecting a student, previously assigned certificates will be listed.


From the certification list, any current certifications will be highlighted in green while any expired certifications will be highlighted in red.

You will see columns for:

  • Certification Name
  • Certification Start Date/End Date
  • Student Name
  • Status

Next to each certification will be links to:

  • Edit - To edit current certification assignments.
  • Delete - Delete the Certification as it is no longer needed or the wrong certification was assigned.
  • View - View the actual certificate.

Assign a Certification

  • Select employee(s) in the top left under "Select Student."


  • The certifications assigned to the employee(s) will be listed.


  • To assign a certification, click New Item.


  • Enter the necessary information for the certification assignment.


    • Use the drop-down menu to select an existing certification or add a new certification (Required).
    • Enter the start and end date for the certification (Required). When an Admin sets up the certification, they determine the sequence of the email reminders based on the end date and who they should go to. The notifications will allow the employee to take action on renewing their certification/license.
    • Add a title for the certification. Could be the same as certification name (optional)
    • Upload a document for the certification. This can be done by using a camera on a mobile device to select and upload (optional). This will be attached to the certification for employees, managers, and Admins to view and print, if necessary.
  • When finished, click Save.
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