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User Information

The information listed here is auto populated from the Account Admin section of the system. If something is incorrect, please contact your Administrator or Human Resources.

Evaluation PIN

The evaluation PIN can be set by an employee. An Administrator can view the employee's PIN within their employee profile. The Evaluation PIN is only used within the Performance module IF "Require Signoff" is checked within the Evaluation Details (page used to set up an evaluation form). This setting will require the employee to enter in their PIN when completing the form, acting as an electronic signature, which will show the employee's name, date, and timestamp when they "signed off" on the evaluation.

Change PIN

A PIN is used to complete an evaluation/performance review, similar to an electronic signature if 'Sign-off Required' is selected on the Evaluation Details page by an Administrator. Entering a PIN prior to selecting 'Save as Complete' on an evaluation/performance review will apply the employees name, date, and timestamp of when they completed the evaluation.

The System Administrator can also reset your password. Your PIN can be the same as your password.

Select Change PIN and your current PIN will appear. If you forget your PIN at the time of signing off on your evaluation, go here to view or change it.

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