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Confidential Posting Job Posting & Distribution for the ATS

When posting a job, you have the option to make the job posting confidential where the company name will be hidden.

Setting Job Posting to Confidential

  • When you are posting your job, you will see a toggle for "This is a confidential post and I want my company name hidden."


  • Clicking the Yes/No toggle will show the following warning that only a few job boards will accept confidential postings. For a list of the job boards that allow confidential postings, refer to the following section: Job Boards that Allow Confidential Postings. Click OK.


Job Boards that Allow Confidential Postings

Not all job boards support confidential postings. Below is the list of job boards that will post your confidential postings:

  • JobisJob
  • BirdDog Engineering
  • BirdDogJob
  • Monster
  • MEP Jobs
  • Indeed does not support confidential postings, but does scrape from boards that do. When confidential jobs are scraped, they will be toward the end of the results.


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