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Account Management for Core HR

Account Management allows you to lock/unlock an employee's account so they can or cannot access Core HR.

While you can change an employee's username, the username should not be changed as it can affect navigation to other Arcoro modules which require consistent usernames across all modules.

Expand for Navigation to Account Management

Expand 'Employees', expand 'Utilities', and click Account Management. If you are viewing the employee profile, hover over 'Utilities' and click Account Management.

CHR - Employee - Utilities - Menu - 02.png

The 'Account Management' menu will show the employee's username, if one was generated for the employee, and the option to lock/unlock the account. 

If the employee does not have a username, it can be created with the 'Account' tab of the employee's demographic page.

CHR - Employee - Utilities - Account Management - 02.png

Lock/Unlock Account

  • To lock an employee account, check the box next to "Lock Account." To unlock an account, uncheck the box next to "Lock Account."


  • Click Save.
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