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Understanding Time Off Requests on ExakTime Mobile

For more information about the availability of this feature, contact your Account Manager.

If enabled for your ExakTime system, your employees can view and submit their time off requests from ExakTime Mobile.

Your employees must have the "Time Off" option enabled for their ExakTime Mobile security role to see the Time Off on ExakTime Mobile. Refer to the initial setup article for more information.

 Additional Resources for Employees & Supervisors

For time off request instructions for employees, you can provide them with either of the articles below:

For time off request and approvals for supervisors on ExakTime Mobile, you can provide them with the article below:

How Time Off Works in ExakTime Mobile

Time Off on Exaktime Mobile is accessed by the new Time Off side menu option. Users first access the My Requests page.

  • Press towards the top left and press Time Off
  • The "Time Off" menu shows the employee their assigned Time Off Plans, available hours, and any requests in a pending, approved, or canceled status.


Creating Time Off Requests

  • Employees will press Request Time Off for the time off plan that they want to submit a time off request for. 


  • The employee will be able to view the available hours for the time off plan and the hours for the time off request towards the top. They will need to enter the necessary and optional information.
    • Choose Start Day/Choose End Day - The start date selected will auto-populate into the end date as well. The employee can further adjust the start/end date dynamically
    • Include Weekends - This will be automatically enabled if the time off request spans across the weekend.
    • Weekly date grouping - If the time off plan allows employees to request partial days, employees can edit the hours requested per day. If the option to request partial days is disabled, employees will not be able to edit and the default per day will be restricted to 8 hours with a start time of 8 a.m.
    • Start Time - Will default to 8:00 a.m. and determines the start/end time of Time Off time records that will be generated onto the time card.
    • Comments - Optional comment field
  • Click Request to submit the request form. Click Discard or the X button to go back to the previous screen without saving.

Please Note

Once created, Time Off requests cannot be edited. If the request was entered incorrectly, it must be canceled and reentered.

Creating Time Off Requests on behalf of other employees

Employees, such as supervisors or managers, can have permission to approve time off requests will have a "Make Requests For Others" button to create time off requests on behalf of other employees within their viewset. The time off request menu will have no changes other than the details will be based on the selected employee the request is being created for.

The employee will select from a list of employees in their viewset to make a request on behalf of that employee. Once an employee is selected the manager will view that employee's assigned time off plans and any pending or approved requests. The manager will complete the request form on behalf of the selected employee.


Approving Time Off Requests

Employees with permission to approve time off requests will see two additional tabs displayed within the Time Off menu.

Approvals Tab

The approvals tab will display a list of pending employee requests only. Requests are initially shown in a compact block which can be expanded by pressing the down arrow to the right-hand side and collapsed by pressing the arrow again.


Approve Time Off Requests

Time Off requests can be approved by pressing the Approve button when viewing the expanded request cards or by viewing the time off request details and pressing the Approve button at the bottom of the details page.


Denying Time Off Requests

To deny a time off request, the employee will view the request details and click the Deny button. They will be prompted to confirm the denial and can enter an optional comment. This comment will appear on the request details when viewed after.


Canceling a Time Off Request

Time Off Requests in a Pending or Approved state can be canceled only by the employee who created the request.

To cancel a pending or approved request, press View to view the time off request details and press Cancel Request. Confirm this action and the time off request will be canceled.

If the time off request has been approved already, the time records will be removed from the impacted employee timecards.


All Requests Tab

As the Approval tab will only display requests in a pending status, the All Requests tab will display requests in other statuses for employees within the manager's viewset.

The show filter button will allow the employee to filter the requests that have been approved, pending, denied, and/or canceled requests. Managers can also quickly approve and view request details from this listing.


Time Off Notifications

Time Off includes default Notifications. These Notifications are enabled by default. The Settings page within Exaktime Mobile has a new Notification section. Users can enable/disable specific notification types they would like to receive.


Employees will be notified by one of three channels. One notification will be sent based on the priority of email first, SMS second, and push lastly.

  1. Email - If employees have an email address on their Exaktime profile.
  2. SMS - If an employee does not have an email address on their Exaktime profile but does have a mobile phone number.
  3. Push - If an employee does not have an email address or mobile phone number on their Exaktime Profile. To receive push notifications the user must be logged in to the Exaktime app when the notification is sent.

ExakTime Web and/or Mobile users who have permission to approve time off requests will also see the submitted for approval notification option. This notification will alert the manager that a request has been submitted and is pending review. The system defines an approver as one who has approval permission and has users within their viewset. For Time Off, users with all employees as their viewset are still eligible for request submitted for approval notifications. Individual users who are designated as approvers can disable the approver notification under My Settings on web or Notification Settings on the mobile app.

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