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Affordable Care Act - Measurement Period


  • Measurement Period Setting Name - Custom text used for internal reference
  • Employers - This houses the company EIN(s). You will need to create a measurement period for each EIN
  • Description - This should be the employer name as it appears on tax documents
  • Measurement Period Start Date - Date in which the Measurement Period will begin looking forward at predetermined months.
  • Standard Measurement Period Length - (3-12 months) This is duration in which the data will be reviewed to determine an employee’s benefit eligibility
  • Stability Period Length - (3-12 months) This is how long the employee is guaranteed coverage once offered and accepted even if their hours fall below eligibility for benefits
  • Initial Measurement Period Length - Can be anywhere from 3-12 months however when combined with the administrative days cannot exceed 13 months. Number of months of data will be reviewed from hire date to determine benefit eligibility
  • Administrative Period - Period of days an employer has to offer coverage once an employee becomes eligible
  • Affordability Safe Harbor - Options are W2-wages this is the box 1 w2 wages, Rate of pay this will go off of compensation in the system, or Federal poverty line which is determined by the IRS currently is 1,185 annually. Affordability is determined based on 9.5 percent of the safe harbor.
  • Apply Rule of Parity - The Rule of Parity dictates that an employer may treat a rehired employee with a break of minimum four weeks as a new employee if the employees break in service is longer than the employee's previous period of service prior to the break in service.
  • Make Rule Active Active Monthly Hours of Service - If checked this would calculate the average at 130 hours a month instead of an average of 30 hours a week to determine eligibility
  • Eligibility Rule - Should only be assigned if separating measurement periods by state or employee type (i.e. Salary v Hourly)
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