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Affordable Care Act Overview

The Affordable Care Act of the HR Portal includes screens that allow an administrator to review ACA alerts, create Measurement Periods, review related reports, and generate reports for the IRS.

From the menu, expand Settings and click Affordable Care Act.

In order to ensure you are able to file complete and accurate information to your employees and the IRS, here are a few things to look at:

Company Information

  • Use US state code instead of full name (use AZ instead of Arizona)
  • Use IRS business name, not DBA
  • Ensure accuracy of company EIN

Employee Information (Demographics)

  • Confirm spelling of employees full name (as recorded with IRS)
  • Confirm employees SSN
  • Confirm spelling of dependents full name (as recorded with IRS)
  • Confirm dependents SSN and birthdate

Important Dates

  • Record any rehire dates or company transfer dates (multiple EINs) in the ACA Profile
  • Ensure employee benefit eligibility dates
  • Ensure employee election and waive of coverage dates

The following options will be available: Affordable Care Act, Settings, Utilities, and Reports.

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