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Performance Log - Reviewing Performance Logs

The Performance Log is designed to provide employees with more frequent feedback on their performance versus what is normally provided with a standard annual review process.

This log provides the ability to:

  • Track "performance-related" notes for employees
  • Allow entered notes to be delivered via email to employees as they are added to the HRIS Application
  • Allow Managers to enter notes against employee records and, optionally, require employees to electronically acknowledge those notes
  • Provide employees with frequent feedback on their performance
  • Quickly identify which employees are in need of more regular performance feedback
  • Allow employees to enter notes into their Performance Log for viewing by Managers

The image below displays a sample view of the Performance Log from the HR Application. This screen displays a summary of Performance Log notes by Employee. This screen also indicates how long it has been since a performance-related note was last entered for an employee. Additionally, by clicking on the name of the Employee, it is possible to view and manage the detailed notes for an employee.


The Performance Log feature can be configured to be visible via the Performance Management center of the Employee Portal. When this feature is enabled, employees will be able to view, enter, and acknowledge Performance-related notes via the "Performance Log" sub-tab of the "My Performance" Tab.


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