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Performance Log - Adding a Note

Adding a note for an employee is done through the Employee's profile and not the Performance Log page. The Performance Log provides a place to review the logs for multiple employees.

  • From the menu, expand Employees, expand Employee, then click Notes.
  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Create Record.
  • Enter any of the following information:
    • Select the note type (General or Performance Log)
    • Select a category. If you do not have a category set up, refer to the section below for instructions.
    • Type in any notes
    • Attach a document if desired
    • Check the boxes next to the options for this note


  • Click Save Note when finished.

Adding a Category Note

  • From the menu, expand Setup and click Setup Properties.


  • Hover over Field Value Setup and click Note Categories.


  • Enter the name for the Note Categories.


  • Click Save when finished.
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