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Time Off Tracking Calendar for Core

The Calendar tab displays dates highlighted for different time off records, for each employee, and by week or month.

Navigating to Time Off Tracking Calendar
  • Expand Settings, expand Time & Labor Mgmt, and click Time Off Tracking from the menu.


  • Click the Calendar tab.



The calendar can be filtered by:

  • Time Manager
  • Employee
  • Type - Filter by time off requests or approvals.
  • Time Off Types - For more information about time off types, you can refer to the following article.
  • Year/Month/Week - Options depend on the type selected.

Time Off Indicators

The dates will not be labeled with the time off type/blackout date, but will be color coded.

  • Red - Time Off Requested
  • Green - Time Off Approved
  • Yellow - Holiday
  • Dark Gray - Black Out Date

If both a time off request and time off approval exist on the same date, the green color indicator will override the red, but if the time off approval were to be deleted, the color indicator would revert to red unless the request record was also deleted.

Holidays will only remain yellow until the day of the holiday when the time off detail record is created, then the detail record will override the yellow with a green highlight.

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