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Ethnicities Field Value Setup for Core HR

EEOC Ethnicity is an optional item, but it must be configured if you are also using the Onboarding module, or will be using the EEO-1 Reporting in Core HR. If an employee’s demographic record does not contain a valid Ethnicity Category, the employee will not be listed in an EEO-1 report.

Ethnicities will require you to enter a Code and Description. While all systems are required to enter these values, the values only apply to systems that are configured under Payroll Settings to use EZSync technology. 

If no fields are defined on this screen, then the EEOC Ethnicity dropdown field will be blank on the Employee Demographic Information page and they will not be listed in an EEO-1 report.

Navigating to Ethnicities Field Value Setup
  • From the menu, expand Setup and click Setup Properties.


  • Hover over Field Value Setup in the top menu bar and click Ethnicities.



Understanding the Ethnicities Page

Setup Options for Ethnicities


  • Ethnicity Category - This drop-down menu is required for the EEO report to match your configured ethnicity. Select the hard-coded ethnicity from the drop-down to categorize the ethnicities you are creating.
    • An ethnicity category must be assigned for EEOC reporting.
  • Code - The Code entered in this area can be custom (i.e. the letter "W" could be used to identify "White", the letter "H" could be used to identify "Hispanic or Latino").
    • If you are going to use the EEO-1 report, it will require the Code entered here to be categorized properly with the correct hard-coded Ethnicity Category.
    • 10-character max.
  • Description - The Description is what will show in the drop-down box for selection on the employee record.

Ethnicities List


  • Edit.gif - Clicking this icon will allow you to edit the description and/or ethnicity category of an ethnicity.
  • Code
  • Description - The Description is what will show in the drop-down box for selection on the employee record.
  • Ethnicity Category
  • Number Assigned - The number of employee records for the respective ethnicity.

From the Actions drop-down menu, you can:


Adding an Ethnicity

  • Enter a code (10-character max) and description for the ethnicity as required. If using EEO reporting, the ethnicity category must be used.


  • Click Save.
  • The ethnicity will populate the ethnicity list.


Editing an Ethnicity

  • Click the Edit.gif edit icon towards the far left of an ethnicity.


  • Edit the ethnicity information that loads into the top menu. The ethnicity code cannot be edited.


  • Click Save when finished.

Deleting an Ethnicity

  • Select the ethnicity/ethnicities towards the far-right of an ethnicity record.


  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Delete Selected Record(s).


  • Confirm the deletion of the ethnicity/ethnicities. If the deleted ethnicity/ethnicities are associated to an employee record, the ethnicity will be removed from their demographic info.


Recommended Ethnicities

We recommend the following ethnicities to be set up for use with EEO reporting and/or the Onboarding module:


Code Description Ethnicity Category
H Hispanic or Latino Hispanic or Latino
W White White (Not Hispanic or Latino)
B Black or African American Black or African American (Not Hispanic or Latino)
I Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (Not Hispanic or Latino)
A Asian Asian (Not Hispanic or Latino)
AI American Indian or Alaska Native American Indian or Alaska Native (Not Hispanic or Latino)
M Two or More Races Two or More Races (Not Hispanic or Latino)
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