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Rate Codes Field Value Setup for Core HR

Rate Codes allow for the configuration of multiple Compensation Rate Codes in the system. Rate Codes can then be applied to Compensation Rates for the purpose of recording compensation against a given Code. Rate Codes are reportable using the Data Export Module. 

If Rate Codes have not been configured, then only a default value of 'Base Rate' will be displayed in the drop-down when entering a compensation or compensation transaction. Multiple Rate Codes can be set as default or as the 'Base Rate'.

Compensation based benefits will only read one Base Rate at a time and will go in order of first added.
i.e. if you have multiple compensation rates all starting as of the same date and all listed as a Base Rate, the compensation based benefit will read the very first-rate entered into the system as a Base Rate.

Navigating to Rate Codes Field Value Setup
  1. Expand Setup and click Setup Properties from the menu.


  2. Hover over Field Value Setup from the top menu bar to show the available options.

    Field Value  - 02.png

  3. Click Rate Codes from the list.

    CHR - Field Value Setup - Menu - Rate Codes - 00.png


Understanding the Rate Codes Page

Setup Options for Rate Codes

Rate Code - 01.png

  • Code - The Code entered in this field are used in drop-down lists.
  • Description - The Description provides context for a rate code.
  • Base Rate Code - Used to denote the code as a base rate code.

Rate Codes List

Rate Code - 02.png

  • Edit.gif - Clicking this icon allows you to edit the description of a rate code.
  • Code - The name of the rate code that will appear in drop-down lists.
  • Description - Provides context for the rate code.
  • Number Assigned - The number of pay rate records using the rate code.
  • Base - Denotes if the rate code is a base rate code. 

The Actions drop-down menu allows you to:

Rate Code - Actions - 00.png

  • Delete Selected Records

Add a Rate Code

  1. Enter the name of the rate code in the "Code" field and the context of use/intent of the rate code in the "Description" field. Use the checkbox if the rate code should be a base rate code.

    Rate Code - 01.png

  2. Click Save when finished.

Edit a Rate Code

  1. Click the Edit.gif edit icon towards the left of a rate code.

    Rate Code - 04.png

  2. Edit the description of the rate code and/or use the checkbox to denote if the rate code should be a base rate code.

    Rate Code - 03.png

  3. Click Save when finished.

Deleting a Rate Code

  1. Use the checkbox(es) towards the right of a rate code.

    Rate Code - 07.png

  2. Click Delete Selected Records from the Actions drop-down menu.

    Rate Code - Actions - 01.png

  3. Confirm the deletion of the rate code. If the rate code is assigned to any pay rate records, the rate code will be unassigned and the field will be blank for the pay rate records.

    Rate Code - 06.png

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