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Configuring Check Dates for Pay Schedules in Core HR

The dates entered will signify the dates employees will receive a paycheck. Benefits, Compensation, and Payroll Deductions are based on the Check Dates.

Expand for Navigation to Pay Schedule Configuration
  • From the menu, expand Setup and click Setup Properties.


  • Hover over Pay Schedule Configuration and click Pay Schedules.

    CHR - Setup Properties - Pay Schedules Menu - 00.png

  • Click an existing one or create a new pay schedule.

    CHR - Setup Properties - Pay Schedules - 02.png

  1. From the 'Step 2 - Configure Dates' tab, select the applicable year in the 'Add a new year' drop down and click Add.


  2. When created, the calendar defaults to a calendar schedule beginning today + 12 months. Click the newly created year to refresh the calendar if you need to start the calendar year on 1/1.


    *Note - you will get an error if you do not refresh the calendar and try to enter a Start Date prior to the displayed 12-month calendar.

    • BEFORE clicking the calendar year:


    • AFTER clicking the calendar year:


  3. Within the 'Check Dates' tab, verify your Start Date is correct, select the payroll frequency from the drop-down, and click Create Dates. This is the date the Employees receive their paychecks.


  4. The Check Dates will auto-highlight based on the Start Date and Frequency selected. Manual changes can be made by unselecting/selecting appropriate dates based on your needs


Copying Dates to Other Calendar

If the Check Dates and the Pay Period End Dates are the same, you can copy the Check Dates once created, and populate the Pay Period End Dates using the Action drop-down menu and clicking 'Copy Selected Dates to the Unselected Calendar Tab'


Please note, if you are loading historical data into the system, you need to build out the historical years' pay schedules as well following the steps above.

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