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Why Does the Time Change From What I Entered on ExakTime Connect?

When adding or editing time cards on ExakTime Connect, you may experience the time changing to another value after entering or saving your changes. There are typically two different situations where this can occur:

Entering a time format that has 

Entering Time In A Different Format

When entering time, it is important to be aware of the format of the time being entered and the time format being displayed. When entering the time in decimal format while ExakTime Connect is set to hours and minutes, it will automatically change the time to hours & minutes and vice-versa. This is critical as it can affect how many hours/minutes an employee will receive and the employee receiving more/less hours than they should.

For example, if ExakTime is set to show time as hours and minutes and you enter 8.30, it will automatically convert the time to 8:18 as .30 of an hour is about 18 minutes. 


  Additional Information

For more information about time format differences, you can refer to Understanding Time Formats / Differences between Hours & Minutes and Decimal Time

Entering Time Eligible for Rounding

After saving your time card edits and policies are applied, the time may change if it is eligible to be affected by a time rounding policy, such as an in/out or time range rounding. 

For example, if you have an in/out rounding policy rounding time records to the nearest 15 minutes, entering a time record as 8:32 AM will be rounded to 8:30 AM after saving and policies are applied.

We have a variety of time rounding options that are further detailed in this article.



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