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Why Is a Time Record Missing GPS Information?

When employees are clocking in or out on ExakTime Mobile, we will try to associate any GPS information that their mobile device generates with their time punch. If for whatever reason a time record is lacking any GPS information, it is usually due to one of the following:

Clock In/Out Was Created By The System

If an employee clocks in multiple times in a row, we will stop their prior time record automatically. As the system created the stop time, there is no GPS information to associate to the punch. The following clock in that was created by the employee should contain GPS information that you can review. In the example below, the employee clocked in multiple times throughout the day to indicate what they were doing next. As an employee cannot do two cost codes at once, we will stop the previous time record and start the new time record. The highlighted records have GPS information as they were created by the employee, all other records will not have GPS data as they were created by the system.


The auto-lunch or midnight split policies can also create a clock in/out that lacks GPS information.


Clock In/Out Was Created By An Administrator

If a user with sufficient permission adds time manually to an employee's time card or edits a missing time record, it will not contain any GPS information.


Mobile Device Lacking GPS Information

If the mobile device is unable to provide ExakTime Mobile any GPS information, their clock in/out will indicate "No GPS information for this punch" with the informational icon.

Some reasons for this include, but are not limited to:

  • Environmental factors such as cloudy sky, buildings surrounding the employee, underground, etc.
  • Location Services for the mobile device is turned off or ExakTime Mobile does not have permissions to use location services.
  • Mobile device has not yet generated GPS information. If for example, an employee recently stepped out of a tunnel, the mobile device may still be generating GPS information at the time of their clock in/out.


Mitigating Lack of GPS Information

To help allow ExakTime Mobile the best chances of receiving GPS information from the mobile device, we suggest using a combination of the options below from Mobile Settings.

Go to Manage and click on Mobile Settings.


Once there, scroll down towards the following options and enable them as needed.


Require a GPS fix before clocking in or out: If this option is turned on, ExakTime Mobile will not let an employee clock in or out until the device can provide ExakTime Mobile GPS information. With this setting turned on, GPS information should always be associated with the employees' time records.

  • Keep in mind of factors that can prevent a mobile device from getting GPS information such as the environment or device issues. If enabled, the employee cannot clock in/out until this setting is turned off or those other factors are taken care of.

Require the device's Location Services to be enabled before clocking in or out: If this option is turned on, ExakTime Mobile will require that the mobile device has location services turned on and ExakTime Mobile has permission to access the feature. This does not guarantee that ExakTime Mobile will receive GPS information, but if there is any GPS information we will associate the information to their clock in/out.

  Additional Information

For more information regarding Mobile Settings, you can refer to ExakTime Mobile Settings

Exceptions to GPS Requirements

If an employee is clocked in/out through the "Clock For" function of ExakTime Mobile, the Location Services/GPS Requirement will be ignored. This is intended because if an employee (administrator, supervisor, foreman, etc.) is trusted to clock in/out others, they should also be trusted to clock in/out at the correct location and verify that the employee(s) are at the location.

Employees using the "Clock For" function should look for an X over the GPS crosshair to be aware if GPS data will be associated with the clock in/out.


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