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How to Remove a Specific Auto Lunch

If an employee is not to receive an auto lunch deduction for any reason, we recommend editing an auto lunch record so the start and stop times match, resulting in no time being deducted.

As the auto lunch record is designed to apply automatically as long as an employee meets the minimum hours, an individual auto lunch record cannot be deleted through conventional means. If you try to delete an auto-lunch record like a normal time record, it will simply reappear after policies are applied.

Auto lunch records can be removed by disabling the auto lunch policy and recalculating a time card, but this is not intended for simply removing auto lunch records. This should only be done if the auto lunch deductions were not intended to begin with. It is not recommended to enable/disable the auto lunch policy and recalculating time cards constantly as it can result in unintended scenarios such as data discrepancies.

Navigating to an Employee Time Card
  • Go to Time Card and click on Time Card Details.


  • Go to the date range/pay period that you want to edit/delete time for and select the employee that needs their auto lunch adjusted.


  • Look for the auto lunch record that needs to be removed. Click the stop time for the auto lunch.


  • Enter the stop time so it matches the start time of the auto lunch.


  • Click Save.
  • After the time card recalculates, the auto lunch record will not show any time deduction. 


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