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How to Add a New Time Record on ExakTime Connect

In the event that an employee has forgotten to clock in/out or if time has to be added to the time card by the administrator, time can be manually added for an individual or for multiple employees.

If you are unable to add a time card but believe you should be able to, please speak with your ExakTime Connect Administrator to make sure that your ExakTime Connect Security Role has been appropriately set up.

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 Best Practice

The best practice is to make all your edits (adding, editing, and/or deleting time records) for the employee's time card in one batch before saving. As the policies will be applied to the time card after saving (e.g. calculating hours), saving after every minor edit will result in multiple policies applying and take longer for the fully calculated time card to present.

Adding Time For an Individual

Tips for Editing Time Cards Webinar

Check out our 9@9 webinar recording that provides some tips on editing time cards after the time card upgrade.

You can also view other 9@9 webinar recordings and sign up for future webinars here.

  • Go to Time Cards and go to Time Card Details.


  • Specify the date range you will be adding time for.


  • Click the employee that will be receiving time from the employee list to the left.


  • Click Add Time...
    1. at the top of the time card to select a specific date for the selected date range.
    2. next to the date to add more time for a specific date.


  • Select the location and cost code to be used and enter the start time.
    • The stop time for a time record will automatically use the start time of the succeeding time record as an implied stop time. If there is no succeeding time record, the stop time will have a Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Incomplete.png symbol until a succeeding time record is created or if the "Clock Out" checkbox is enabled.
    • The "Clock Out" checkbox should only be used if the employee would no longer be tracking their time, such as for a break or the end of their day.
    • If you are adding multiple time records for an employee, you can create additional records with only start times, then use the "Clock Out" checkbox when the employee would be taking a break or is done for the day to enter a stop time.
    • A comment can also be added as a reminder as to why the time was manually added.
    • If you are entering a time record because an employee forgot to clock in, you can simply enter a location, cost code, and start time. If the employee is still working that day, they should be able to clock themselves in/out as normal
    • When adding a time record, you can use the TAB key to go to different fields. If you have highlighted the "Clock Out" checkbox, you can press SPACE to enable it.
  • ETC_-_Time_Card_-_Add_-_01.png

  • Click Save after making all your necessary changes. The policies for the employee will apply and calculate the totals for the employee.


Example of Adding Time for an Employee

When adding time records manually for an employee's time card with the time card upgrade, it is best to think of adding a time record like you an employee is clocking in as you no longer need to enter a stop time for every single record. In our examples below, using ExakTime Mobile or adding time manually will have the same result if done properly.

Example of a Work Day

  1. Clock In at 8 AM to Location A and Cost Code A to start their day.
  2. Clock In at 11 AM to Location A and Cost Code B to change their cost code. 
  3. Clock In at 12 PM to Location B and Cost Code B to change their location.
  4. Clock In at 3 PM to Location B and Cost Code C to change their location and cost code.
  5. Clock Out at 3:30 PM to end their day.

Employees Using ExakTime Mobile


Adding Time Records Manually


Time Card Result


Adding The Same Time For Multiple People

Time can be given to multiple employees if the information for the time record should be the same. This can be used for situations where employees will receive the same time for a holiday for example.

  • Go to Time Cards and click on Bulk Time Entry.


  • To add time for the employees, you will:
    1. Select the employees to receive time.
    2. Select the location & cost code and enter the start time and stop time. If needed, a comment can be added as a reminder as to why the time was manually added.
    3. Click Save at the bottom. 


  • Review the confirmation window that appears. Once the time has been added in bulk, it cannot be deleted/edited in bulk and must be done individually. If the information is correct, click Add.


  Additional Information

For more information regarding Time Cards, you can refer to Time Card Details

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