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Termination Reasons Field Value Setup for Core HR

Termination Reasons are optional values used to assign reasons for termination, often for purposes of COBRA.

Examples include: Involuntary, Voluntary, Reduction in Hours, and Reduction in Force.

If no values are defined in this section, the Termination Reason dropdown field will be blank in the Employee Demographic Information section. If at least one Termination Reason is defined, then the System will automatically create a "Not Applicable" option.

Navigating to Termination Reasons Field Value Setup
  1. Expand Setup and click Setup Properties from the menu.


  2. Hover over Field Value Setup from the top menu bar to show the available options.

    Field Value  - 02.png

  3. Click Termination Reasons from the list.



Understanding the Page

Setup Options

Termination Reason - 01.png

  • Code - The code for the termination reason. Typically used in conjunction with a third-party system.
  • Description - The name/description of the termination reason that will appear in related drop-down menus.
  • Active - Used to indicate if a termination reason is active or not. 

Termination Reasons List

Termination Reason - 02.png

The termination reasons list:

  • Edit.gif - Click this icon to edit the description and/or active status.
  • Code - The code of the termination reason.
  • Description - The description that will be shown in related drop-down lists.
  • Number Assigned - The number of employees with the termination reason. 
  • Active - Indicates if the termination reasons is active.

Adding a Termination Reason

  1. Enter a code and description in the available fields. Use the checkbox to mark the termination reason as active.


  2. Click Save when finished.
  3. The new termination reason will appear in the list of termination reasons.


Editing a Termination Reason

  1. Click the Edit.gif icon towards the left of a termination reason.


  2. Edit the description and/or active status of a termination reason. The code cannot be edited.


  3. Click Save when finished.

Deleting a Termination Reason

  1. Click the checkbox towards the far right of a termination reason.


  2. Click Delete Selected Records. from the Actions drop-down menu.


  3. Click Yes to confirm the deletion. If any employee records have the termination reason, it will be unassigned from the employee record. 


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