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Enabling and Using Timestamp Cost Codes for ExakTime

Cost codes are used in ExakTime by you and your employees to track their activities throughout the day. Timestamps are cost codes that are used to track cost codes slightly differently. If enabled for a cost code, Timestamps will allow you and your employees to use a cost code to track an event, but not track the time elapsed for the event. When the timestamp cost code appears on the employee's time card, it will generate an identical start and stop time on the employee's time card to mark when the event occurred. 

For example, if you have a security guard who needs to show that they checked a secured entry as part of their security sweep, you could have them clock into a Cost Code called "Gate Check" and set "Gate Check" to be a Timestamp. When they would go perform a gate check, they would use the cost code like any other cost code to mark the event.

When a cost code is set to be a timestamp, please note that the cost code cannot be selected from the employee's time card and can only be used from ExakTime Mobile or with a Keytab.

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Enabling Timestamps

To set up a cost code as a timestamp, it must first be enabled for your ExakTime account. 

  • Go to Manage and click on Company Settings.


  • Click the Other tab.


  • Click the checkbox for "Enable timestamp cost codes".


  • Save any of your changes.

  Additional Information About Company Settings

If you would like to learn more about other 'Company Settings' options, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

Setting a Cost Code as a Timestamp

After enabling timestamps for ExakTime, the 'timestamp' option must be enabled from the cost code details. 

  • Go to Manage and click on Cost Codes.


  • Click the Pencil icon to the left of an existing cost code or click Add Cost Code to create a new one.


  • Click the checkbox for 'This cost code is a timestamp'.


  • Click Save when finished.

Using Timestamp Cost Codes

Keep the following in mind for how Employees will use Timestamp Cost Codes:

  • The Timestamp Cost Code will not appear as an option on ExakTime Connect when editing Time Cards or when using Connect Clock.
  • Using a Timestamp Cost Code is only possible from ExakTime Mobile or with a Keytab.
  • Employees will not change how they normally clock in.
  • For ExakTime Mobile:
    • Timestamp Cost Codes will appear like any other cost code.
    • They will still need to click "GO," pick their location and pick their timestamp cost code.

How Timestamps Appear on the Time Card Detail

As the timestamps are designed to only track an event, the record will appear with no time duration with a matching start and stop time.

In our example below, the cost code "Check In" has been made into a timestamp to mark a specific event.


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