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EvoInfinity Error Messages


  • Error importing data! <Currently imported employee info>
    • Error occurs during employee import. Error details will contain additional information.
  • Error importing data! Company <Custom Company Number>: EE Code <Custom Employee Number> doesn't have SSN of <Social Security Number>. Please fix the mismatch.
    • The reason is that employee with the same EE Code has different SSN in Core HR and Evolution.
  • Find company error: <Error Details>
    • Occurs when the tool is trying to find company in Evolution. Search is performed by Core HR EmployeeInfo UserDefinedL15 field first, then by VendorCompany_ID, then by Company_ID.
  • Error uploading paystub! Check Number: <Payment Serial Number>
    • May occur when the tool uploads certain paystub to Core HR. Error details contain additional information: this could be Core HR error message or connection error.
  • Apply Data Change Packet error!
    • This error may happen when the tool attempts to send data to Evolution. Error details contain additional information.
  • Error uploading W2 file! Employee: <Employee Code and Name> Year: <Tax Year>
    • This may happen when the tool uploads certain to Core HR. Error details contain additional information.


  • Incomplete setup! <Employee Code and Name>
    • This message means that Core HR employee has not enough info. Message details contain the field names that need be setup in Core HR.
  • Employee has not been submitted! <Employee Code and Name>
    • This happens when utility did not find company in Evolution that employee belongs to.
  • Can't create an employee: PayrollEmployeeID field should have a value!
    • PayrollEmployeeID is not defined in Core HR Employee Info.
  • Duplicate direct deposit! E/D code <E/D Code>
    • This occurs when there are a few Core HR Employee Direct Deposits records with the same E/D Code and intersected effective date periods.
  • E/D code "<E/D Code>" is not found in Client E/Ds!
    • This occurs if EDCode from Core HR Employee Direct Deposit does not exist in Evolution Client E/Ds table.
  • All the Company ID fields (User Defined Lookup15, Vendor Company ID, Company ID) are blank!
    • To define which company employee data should be sent to utility is looking to User Defined Lookup15 field first, then to Vendor Company ID and then to Company ID.
  • Evo returned empty paystub!
    • This happens when Evolution Employee paystub is going to be uploaded to Core HR but the Check has not been printed in Evo yet, and that's why paystub details system report is empty.
  • Tax State <State> has already been processed! <Employee Code and Name>
    • This means there are a few records with the same state in Core HR Employee Info State Taxes.
  • Tax State <State> was not found in Co States table! <Employee Code and Name>
    • The State from Core HR Employee Info State Taxes does not exist in Evolution Company States table.
  • State Marital Status was not found (State: <State>, Mapped Status: <Calculated Marital Status>, Filing Status: <Core HR Filing Status>)! <Employee Code and Name>
    • The tool defines Evolution State Marital Status bases on Core HR State Taxes data and mapping rules. This message means Status was not found.
  • Sui Tax State <Core HR Unemployment State> was not found in Co States table.
    • Evolution Company States has no state like Core HR Employee Info Unemployment State.
  • No W2 for <Year> year. Employee: <Employee Code and Name>
    • When uploading W2's it does not found ones for selected year.
  • Deduction code "<E/D Code>" is not found in Client E/Ds! <Employee Code and Name>
    • While syncing Core HR Employee Deductions utility can't find EDCode among Evolution Client E/Ds.
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