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Setting up Your 360 Evaluation Form

Navigating to Adding an Evaluation
  • Go to the Performance module if not already there.


  • Go to Performance Admin in the menu bar and click Add/Edit Evaluations from your Performance module.


  • Click Add Evaluation Form to create a new evaluation or click  ...  under the Action column and click Copy to copy and edit an existing evaluation.



  • Form Title - This is what is seen by all users when referencing this form, such as from the evaluation list or email notifications. It can also be useful to have the year of the evaluation form in the title as there are typically year-to-year changes. This can help from an employee history and from a maintenance perspective.


  • Form ID - An optional field for you to enter a unique identifier for your forms/evaluations. 


  • Form Type - Select 360 Evaluation from the drop-down menu.


  • Form Logo URL - Logos cannot be uploaded directly into evaluations. A URL link to the logo must be entered in this field.


  • Form Instructions - These instructions will appear at the top of the evaluation for the person completing the form. The Form Instructions will appear before the questions.


  • Custom Styling - This provided text field allows you to add your own CSS (custom style sheet) for the evaluation. You may require the assistance of your IT professional, marketing, or web developer to customize the look and feel of your evaluation, such as making the buttons on the evaluation larger so it would be easier to complete the evaluation on a smartphone or tablet. 


After creating your project review form, you will need to set up the section and questions.

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