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Setting Up Job Distribution Control for the ATS

Job Distribution Control allows you to control which free job board options jobs and requisitions can be posted to. Adjusting your Job Distribution Control requires that you have enabled the option from the 'Account Information' page

Navigating to Job Distribution Control
  • Click Administration from the menu bar.


  • Click Job Distribution Ctrl on the left-hand side. If Job Distribution Ctrl is not listed, you will need to enable the option from Account Information first. For assistance, you can refer to: How to Enable Job Distribution Control


  • When you arrive, you will see available free job boards you can post jobs to.


Using Job Distribution Control

  • Use the Yes/No toggle switch for each job board listed then click Save Selections.


  • When you are posting a job, the free job board section on 'Step 3 - Job Distribution' will be locked into the selections you saved on the Job Distribution Ctrl menu from above. In our example below, all of the free job board options have been disabled, resulting in none of them being available during the job posting/requisition process.


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