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How to Add/Edit a Location for Onboarding

Locations in Onboarding are used to help denote where a new hire is to be working and/or a method to define the group of users. Your locations can be physical locations and/or they can be used to define a specific group of users, such as union/non-union or Spanish/English-speaking employees so they can complete location-specific items such as paperwork.

While the following article will go over how to add locations individually, you can also import multiple locations with Bulk Import for Onboarding

Navigating to Locations
  • Click Administration from the top menu bar of Onboarding.


  • In the Administration menu, click Locations.



Add/Edit a Location for Onboarding

  • Click Add Location. to create a new location or click ... under the Action column and click Edit


  • Fill in the information for the location:
    • Location # - The location number is an identifier. If you already have an identifier, you can enter it here. As this field is required, you will need to create one if you do not already have one.
    • Location Name - Internal name for the location, such as the name of the branch, city name, etc. 
      • This can also be useful if you want to have a unique name to differentiate similar locations such as for different paperwork (e.g. Different paperwork between Location A20 Union vs. Location A20 Non-Union)
      • If you are also using Core HR, this field will be passed over as the Facility 1 Name field.
    • Legal Name - The legal name entered can match the Location Name, but does not have to. The Legal Name entered here will populate your W-4 forms.
    • Address, City, Zip Code, State, Country, and Phone # - The information entered here will populate your W-4 forms.
    • Enable E-Verify - If enabled, it will denote that employees at this location will go through E-Verify. (E-Verify requires additional services. If you do not already have E-Verify services and are interested, you can contact your account manager for more information. Please refer to the following article.)
    • Payroll Code - While not required, the payroll code can be entered for reporting purposes.
    • TaxBreak Location ID - Used for the Work Opportunity Tax Credits program and reporting purposes.
    • Federal EIN - Your Federal EIN/Tax ID is required for each location as the location's Federal EIN can differ from the Federal EIN entered in the Settings tab. The Federal EIN entered here will populate your W-4.


  • Click Add/Save when finished.


If you have enabled "Allow Locations to Customize Pay Card and Direct Deposit Information?" on the Settings tab, you will have additional fields like in the image below. You can use the given fields to customize your pay card and direct deposit information for the location, if necessary.


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