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Standard Reports Available for the ATS

The ATS comes with 20+ standard reports. These reports cover compliance reports such as AAP, Applicant Flow Log, and VEVRAA Section 503. Other metrics such as time to hire, source analytics, and interview data are also included.

Navigating to ATS Reports
  • Click Reports from the menu bar of the ATS.


Generating Reports for ATS

For more information about generating reports, please refer to our dedicated article.

List of Available Reports

Report Name Report Description Report Example
(Click to Expand)
AAP Report View the results of the voluntary Affirmative Action survey taken by your applicants AAP_Report_-_00.png
All Jobs Report View listing of all current jobs ATS_-_Reports_-_All_Jobs_Report_-_00.png
Applicant Defined Source Analytics Report View applicant responses to job source questions on custom application ATS_-_Reports_-_Applicant_Defined_Sources_-_00.png
Applicant Log Report View all applicant information including status, disposition, and EEO information ATS_-_Reports_-_Applicant_Log_-_00.png
Arcoro Outside Screening Report Summary of all background checks and drug screenings requested  
Candidate Activity Report View recorded user activity for selected candidates including notes and emails ATS_-_Reports_-_Candidate_Activity_-_00.png
Candidate Data Report View candidate information for selected candidates including stage, disposition, and ranking ATS_-_Reports_-_Candidate_Data_-_00.png
Career Page Stats Report View the number of applicants, views, and clicks originating from the career page per job ATS_-_Reports_-_Career_Page_Stats_-_00.png
Closed Jobs With Active Candidates Report View a listing of closed jobs that still have active candidates ATS_-_Reports_-_Closed_Jobs_with_Active_Candidates.png
Extended Candidate Activity Report View recorded user activity for selected candidates including notes and emails with additional fields ATS_-_Reports_-_Extended_Candidate_Activity_-_00.png
Hired Candidate Report Summary of all candidates with a Hired disposition ATS_-_Reports_-_Hired_Candidate_-_00.png
Interviews Calendar Report Summary of all scheduled interviews viewable in a monthly calendar format ATS_-_Reports_-_Interview_Calendar_-_00.png
Interviews Data Report View all selected interview data in a table format ATS_-_Reports_-_Interview_Data_-_00.png
Job Data Report View all job details for selected positions in a table format ATS_-_Reports_-_Job_Data_-_00.png
Job Requisition Status Report Summary of all active job requisitions and their statuses ATS_-_Reports_-_Job_Requisition_-_00.png
Job Requisitions Approval Report View all pending requisition requests, next approver and latest activity date ATS_-_Reports_-_Job_Requisition_Approval_-_00.png
Offer Letter Report Summary of all Offer Letters sent ATS_-_Reports_-_Offer_Letter_-_00.png
Open Jobs Report View the listing of all open jobs ATS_-_Reports_-_Open_Jobs_-_00.png
Referral Network Report Summary of referral networks, outreach contacts, contact dates, and responses ATS_-_Reports_-_Referral_Networks_-_01.png
Screening Question Report View custom questions and candidate responses for selected jobs in a table format ATS_-_Reports_-_Screening_Questions_-_00.png
SMS Activity Report

View all text messages sent/received between the users and candidates.

This report is only available if you have added the SMS Text Messaging feature to your account. To learn more about the feature, you can refer to the following article.

Source Analytics By Job Report View the job distribution source of your applicants by job ATS_-_Reports_-_Source_Analytics_-_00.png
Source Analytics Report View where your applicants are coming from to know where to put your recruitment efforts ATS_-_Reports_-_Source_Analytics_2_-_00.png
Time to Hire Report View information on time for positions to be filled ATS_-_Reports_-_Time_to_Hire_-_00.png
User Activity Report View account activity by selected users ATS_-_Reports_-_User_Activity_-_00.png
VEVRAA Section 503 Report View the VEVRAA veteran and Section 503 disability data for your entire workforce ATS_-_Reports_-_VEVRAA_-_00.png
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