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How to Use Project Reviews

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The following article will be retired as the content has been consolidated into Understanding Project Reviews

Project Review Roles

To allow Project Reviews to be a part of your company’s processes, there must be two custom roles that must be created and assigned to the necessary people.

  1. Manage Project Reviews
    1. The role of Manage Project Reviews allows the user to create new projects and assign project review forms
    2. The Managers will also be able to review completed Project Review forms from the Project Performance Management page
  2. Complete Project Reviews
    1. This role must be turned on and assigned to users who will complete project reviews

Project Review Evaluation Forms

  1. Create Project Evaluation Forms from the Add/Edit Evaluations page
    1. Add a new evaluation and select the Form Type of “Project”
    2. The settings will be adjusted to match the settings available to Project Review Forms
  2. Once the Form has been created, add questions/sections to the Project Review Form

Creating a Project

  1. Users with the role of Manage Project Reviews will be able to click on Project Review in the header of the Evaluation Module
    1. This will open Project Performance Management page where projects can be added and Evaluations can be reviewed
  2. To Create a new Project
    1. Click on New Project
    2. Name the Project and Add a Description
    3. Select the project review form(s) that will be available to be used on this project

Initiating a Project Review

  1. If a user has the role Complete Project Reviews assigned they will have a button titled “New Project Review” from the Evaluations home page.
  2. Click on the New Project Review button
  3. Select a Project and an Evaluation Form
  4. Select an Employee from the dropdown
  5. Fill out the evaluation and click Save as Complete

Reviewing and Reports

  1. Each completed Project Evaluation form will be available on the Completed Evaluations page of the Evaluator and the My Evaluations page of the Employee Evaluated
  2. This will also be available from the User Profile on the Account Admin > People page

Multiple Module Connection

  • This would be counted in the Succession Planning module and scores will be used to calculate overall scores
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